Why India loosing to Wuhan virus ?

June 23, 2020, Till now India has achieved a new heights in Corona virus infection. Today the Corona score of India is more then 440000 and it’s on continuous rise by approximately 15000 cases daily. In the month of March India was doing great as there was very small no. of cases of Corona virus infection. Indian government locked downed the whole country to control the spread of Corona virus infection. The whole world appreciated the Indian government move. But with the passage of time and increasing number of patients, locked down had resulted to be use less and a suicidal move for indian economy.

How India losing the battle against Corona Virus after initial victory?

Actually it was not a victory over corona it was just a matter of fact that at that time the no. Of cases were less. When Indian government did the lock down that was really a brave move to stop the spread of corona virus infection on paper. But the government failed to achieve its basic goal as it was not a complete lockdown. After the success of one day lockdown called as janta curfew they imposed a 15 day lockdown but allowed some people to move in the name of emergency services. During first lockdown when ther was approximately 400-500 cases government allowed many people to travel inter and intra states and cities. The main problem was the pass issued by government officials not only to emergency services but to their relatives and the people who has connection with higher officials and ministers. Approximately 95% of population was at house arrest but the remaining 5% who were working for maintaining proper lockdown (police) along with other essential services provider and negligent government officials were the cause of Corona spread. Police, doctors and government officials were allowed to go home after their duties in corona affected areas. Most of them were not able to isolate themself from viral infection as government failed to train them against corona infection. No gloves no PPE kits were provided to police that caused Corona spread to them and other.

During complete lockdown general stores were open and people were allowed to shop for themself.

Many medical service provider used their passes to carry people from one place to another and to other states through Ambulance which was not strictly checked for their purposes. Many people holding passes did the same thing who carried corona infected patient from one place to another. They all did this for money. Heavy vehicles were also found doing same transportation of people hiding inside their vehicles for money.

Government failed to hold the infected ones and the suspected ones to their facilities or home.

That was the major drawback of the first lockdown which led to spread of infection. Later lockdown after lockdown and now unlocking did nothing in favour of common people. Government lacked the sincerity of lockdown or the officials who were responsible for delivering a successful lockdown were not sincerely conducted the lockdown. As a result now their is blast of new patient in India and the number is going on.

Before any lockdown if government had succeeded in holding the passenger from other countries at airport or any temporary built quarantine centers for 15-20 days, this spread could have been stopped at its initial phase. We could have saved our economy as well lives of thousands of people. Today not only patients are dieing due to corona but other diseases due to lack of treatment as well.

What India is doing to fight against Corona?

What I think India is doing to fight against Corona…. Nothing. They had surrendered to corona virus. Central or state government had not built any new hospital or developed a facility to treat Corona patient specifically. They converted their old hospital to corona dedicated hospital but forgot about the patients who were being treated in these hospitals for other diseases for a long time. Now these patients are suffering their treatment and many have died due to negligence of not getting treatment for other diseases.

Government is focusing only on corona patients now, and the other patients who have other serious illnesses are suffering now. Because no hospital is entertaining patient with other serious illnesses due to fear of corona and government rules and regulations. Indian private hospitals and nursing homes are in intense pressure whether they keep their OPD open or closed. Because if someone found infected from the hospital the licence of hospital are being terminated. Doctor are responsible for their own Corona infection if they get it from treating a corona patients even in government hospitals. Most of hospitals are refusing treatment if the patient comes with high fever whether it is due to corona or other diseases. As they are not able to test for corona which is already taking a one or two day to confirm by other lab’s. So it’s safe to refer them to other hospital or clinic or let them die. Doctors are blamed for getting infection while treating corona patients and delhi government is taking them to court. It’s ridiculous. I mean What if they stop treating patients by resign to their job. Who is gonna save us from corona.
Now they are not fighting Corona they are busy in saving their necks and politics. Now they say” We have to live with this for 2 years”. The statement itself is a self declaration of surrendered to corona. Corona is an infectious disease not like blood pressure or cardiac disease which results from a defects in body functionality. The virus was first originated in China and now China had controlled it.

How China got control over its own virus ?

China followed the strict rules of lockdown but not like India. China did a forced lockdown to Wuhan and no person was allowed to leave their homes. Chinese government assured that the food reached to each home in the city by home delivery through officials only. People were not allowed to go to the market and purchase by themselves. Chinese government force fully conducted corona testing and the infected ones were isolated immediately till they got well. They created new hospitals besides their regular hospitals.