CoRoNa Pandemic is a Curse or Blessings : The Bright Side of Corona Pandemic.

Due to recent Coronavirus Pandemic, Humanity is at stake. Millions of people around the world are house arrest dur to corona pandemic. Economy is facing recession ( well it will be worse in near future), healthcare system is struggling with a problem that the new world have never seen before. Million of people have lost their jobs and many to loose in comming years. Approx. 2.5 lakh people have lost their lives due to this pandemic and the count is still going to increase. Many will loose their life for not getting the treatment for other diseases due to CoRoNa. More people will fall below the poverty line from middle class due to losses of businesses and jobs. Now the world will have more poor people then before this pandemic. Income per capita will be decreased for every country.

Everyone is afraid of what is coming in the near future.

But there is some good news about this virus or we can say this Pandemic. It’s not that too bad as we think. Bhagwat Geeta says

It happened for good.

It is also happening for good only.

It will also happen for good only.

What did you loose for which you are lamenting.

What did you bring (with you) which you have lost.

What did you produce which is destroyed.

You received it from here only.

You relinquished it here only.

It belonged to somebody in the past which belongs to you today.

(And) it will belong to somebody ( in future)

Transformation is the law of the universe.

So I will tell you here the bright side of this Pandemic.

1. Cleaner The Air and Sky: India is the home to some of the most polluted cities in the world. Before this Pandemic or say before lockdown in india the air quality index was very poor. In Delhi as per the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), daily Air Quality Index (AQI) was 309 in fab,2020 which is now reduce to 122 on April,2020 . This is not the best but unhealthy according to world AQI but for india it has never been seen to such low level in last two decade.

Air pollution is directly related to respiratory disease and some systemic diseases. With the decrease in air pollution a significant decrease in patients with respiratory problems have been found. Not only in india through out the world the AQI has improved and less no of patients are visiting to the hospitals and clinics for medical attention.

Atmosphere is so clear that has never been seen in last two or three decades. Residents of metro cities are surprised to see the sky at night with twinkling stars that they have never seen before. From jalandhar clear mountain of himalya can be seen by naked eyes which is approx. 200 km away from jalandhar, panjab. Local residents of metro cities say they can feel the quality of air which has got better during this lockdown.

2. Cleaner the River: In india, you will not found a single river who’s water is drinkable. Government spend millions of rupees each and every year to make them clean but nothing could be done till now. All the tax payers money was spent without any achievement of cleaning the rivers. Actually we don’t know the funds allocated in the name of cleaning rivers was ever spent on cleaning or it was done only on papers.

But here is the good news that during this lockdown period cleaner river water is observed and reported across the country. Even Gang’s water is found drinkable at Haridwar, U.K. The fishes are found playing near the bank of Rivers in different cities. Yamuna at Delhi has cleaner water then before.

  No oceanic activity has resulted in freedom of all the sea animals paying their visits to the coasts and beaches. No fishing and no garbages in the oceans. Beaches are cleaner then before and tortoises are also visiting the beaches to lay down their eggs.

3. Cleaner The soil: Soil pollution has been found to be the lowest level of all time as roads, beaches, mountain, parks are free from the human movement and free from human garbage disposal activities. No plastic packaging or disposal package are found on roads and minimum garbage for municipal corporation to clean.

4. More time for family:  Only a month earlier we were busy in making our lifestyle better and better, working day & noght. But do we know how much we exactly require to live a happy life. How much we lost to get that lifestyle that may not be important then we think. But this virus has provided a halt from our running lifestyle to think about it. Did we really need that much for living or to be happy.

Living don’t require much but lifestyle do.

People have more time to spend with their parents , kids and their life partner. They have time to know each other better. They have time to strengthen their bond. They have time to explore the problem and possibility of solving them if they have any. People have time to rebuild their relationship with with their relatives, old friends and neighbours. More time to understand eachother and more time to build a new relationship.

5 Crisis Units Us:        

This crisis of corona Pandemic has united us. As the world is facing the loss of thousands of valuable human lives. As the frontline(healthcare) workers working tirelessly for us, each of us seems to be more willing to lend a helping hand when needed during these uncertain times.  Neighbors checking up on each other and helping each other in this difficult time. A nationwide applauding sessions for health care workers by people around the world, from all different backgrounds and religions are stepping up to show acts of kindness to each other. People are distributing food to homeless and poor peoples in India and arround the world. This crisis has united us as a society.