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How To Win War Against CORONA

             This is not the first time that the world is at war against a virus. There have been many Pandemics Before this Chinese pandemic or Covid-19. Almost all the countries around the world have corona positive cases and struggling hard to win a war against CORONA. As I told struggling not fighting or winning the war till date. Developed countries with most advanced medical facilities are on their knees. Their healthcare system seems to surrendered in front of this pandemic.

           Every country is trying hard to develop vaccine against Corona. some countries have shown some promising results to but it will take 12-18 month to reach to common people. But till now we don’t have any cure for this or vaccine.

             I partially support the theory of social distancing. But its not all we should do now to stop the spread of the corona. It is associated with humans to humans transmission. But till the development of any vaccine or treatment can we survive the period without contacting or keeping social distancing only. How long we can shut down businesses or jobs. How our economy will run and how we will do our businesses or jobs without coming in contact with one another person for a year or till the disease diappear. I suggest a theory so that we can contain the virus, treat the infected ones, keep others safe from getting infection, and run the businesses smoothly.

Check Separate & Isolate:

1. Check: In this step we check and find all the cases available from the parts of the states, cities and villages.  Where the cases are found make a circle of 2-5 km and mark them as a separate area of highly infected areas or positive area.  Now divide all cities in circles or areas marking them with or without infections. Mark them as positive and negative areas. Rapid testing and checking for corona positive cases and symptoms should be done in positive areas.

2. Separate:  Now inside the circles people individually or in groups should be separated completely.

               In corona positive areas checked as above a curfew should be applied. Daily need and food should be supplied door to door by the local residents only selected and appointed by the government. External supplies to corona positive areas should be done up to the borders or the areas and from their only local residents of areas personal should pick and supply those items door to door. Each corona positive area should include a quarantine center and medical facility for corona patients. The areas should be so prepared that there is no need of further assistance from outside world till all the personal are checked and tested or till no patient or case appears for at least 30 days from the last case reported.

             In areas marked as Corona Negative a Partial lockdown should be applied and people should be allowed to purchase their daily needs by themselves. Local shops should be opened for them but security personal will be required to keep an eye on social distancing rules followed by public at public places. In corona negative areas we can allow the factories to open and carry on their production on the condition that the employees working there should remain in company premises and should not leave. Food should be supplied at the workplace. The factories specially with medical supplies and medicines should start working separately in isolation. over the 30-day period if no case appears, they should be open for normal life but no person should be allowed to leave these areas for next 30 days Until they same is achieved by others areas.

           If any case in the corona negative areas appears mark them as corona positive area and follow the rules for corona positive areas.

3. Isolate: This step involves completely separation of these areas by guarding them with security personals. No Community or personal movement should be allowed in between areas of positive and negative areas.

       By doing so we can achieve a complete isolation for a period of 60 days and completely checked and assured isolation for each individual for 60 days. We need to make offensive strategy not defensive. China had made offensive strategy to achieve his goal and the world is following defensive strategy thats the difference china got control over corona but rest of the world seems helpless. A complete eradication of this disease will require 12-18 month of strategy not for a short period.

         As we know New cases are still coming in China even after 15 days, when china announced that china had control over corona.  It shows That until we find a cure or vaccine for corona, we will be a soft target for Corona. Economy of each country is going to face a sever loss.

     If we don’t fight back we are going to loose much more then we had.