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How Long Will The Covid-19 Pandemic (The Wuhan virus) Ends ?

Few months before no body was aware of Corona. But with in 3 months everyone knows What is Corona or at least heard about CORONA. Today each and everyone is talking about CORONA. No matter where they lives around the world or what they do.  Due to COVID-19 ( or we can say Chinese virus or Wuhan virus) all the world seems to be stopped in time like a watch.

The places and cities which were over crowded by people are empty, Like no one lives there. They seems to be like abounded cities of Hollywood movies after spread of a deadly virus. You must have seen such movies but today it appears that the whole world is now a movie set suffering from CORONA.

Most of us are now jobless, helpless and many are hopeless. No one knows when this situation is going to an end.

When the corona virus first case was reported last November 2019 in Wuhan, China, Chinese official convinced WHO that they can contain the virus and can stop it’s spread to other regions of China or world. Till the end of January WHO had not taken any step to stop it and WHO told the world that this is not a dangerous situation. WHO was seems to be influenced by Chinese government. The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020. Later on 11 March 2020, WHO declared that corona virus is a pendemic.

The reason behind the vast spread of this contagious viruse was WHO’s incompetence to assess the severity of the condition which the world is going to face later.

Corona is the Closest relative of SARS . SARS appearance, in 2002 caused thousands of infections around the globe and hundreds of deaths. The containment efforts, combined with different characteristics of the virus, meant SARS became effectively extinct by 2004.

But the story of Corona is different as it is more contagious and spread through humans to humans. As it’s a new mutant of Corona virus family and follow some different mode of infection it’s hard to say how long will it last. Scientists around the World working day and night to find its cure or develop some vaccine to stop it’s spread and cure it. CORONA is causing so much burden on the healthcare system that no one knows when there healthcare system is going to collapse.

Social distancing is one off the best method is found to be working on this outbreak but again questions remain same how long we need to be isolated from the world.

Imperial College of London has proposed that isolation or quarantine and social distancing will be need for a very long period to suppress the mortality rate and affect of virus at the cost of economy of the country.

How long it will take to make a vaccine ?

U.S. has started lab trials on humans for corona vaccine but still it is gonna take 12 -18 month to reach the market for civilians. And 12 -18 moth is a very long period.

Check, Separate and Isolate

Whole country cannot be lockdown for a very long period. It will affect social health and economy of the country and its residents. The lockdown will not affect on rich people’s life as they already have plenty of resources and are financially stong. They consist only 10% of Indian population. Middle class which hold about more then 50% of Indian population will be affected moderately through this lockdown. Most of middle class is working and they may lose their job as a result of global and national economy crisis. The badly affected people wich are around 30-40% of over population which consists lower middle class to some extent and the workers on daily wedges. They definitely gonna loose their jobs and will become more poor . Many may die because of hunger as in remote areas where government cannot supply food or financial help will be hopeless and are feared most in this lockdown.


I suggest a method a check, separate and Isolate the areas where corona pendemic is not their yet. Government should focus on the areas which do not have any cases of corona rather then locking down everything and searching for corona cases. Government should take aggressive steps to isolate these areas and checking everyone for corona cases. The steps government taking to stop it’s spread should be continued side by side. Till then those areas who have no active cases government should open the lockdown and let the normal work begin. No buddy should enter or move out from those areas. The company will medical supplies should be allowed to work faster by isolating them with rest of nation. Workers should work their and let them remain their away from their families to a month to keep them safe and their families too (like they are quarantine at their work places). They should be checked regularly and should strictly follow social distancing at the work place. All hygiene massures should be followed by them at work places. Slowly increase the areas of non affected or move out any patients found positive with corona and their relatives. They must be kept out of that places or outside the cities. Which have been quarantined. Inter-state and intra states movement should be completely banned by deploying army.

I hope by doing so the government can save the economy and the financial crisis for the nation.

Because as we know by infection of Corona virus we get to know, we are infected or not, only after 15 day. And as the no. Of cases are increasing we can’t control it by a year. Best to watch all the nations struggling to fight this but no progress have been made.